Rodalyn Busania
Sep 30, 2018 · 4 min read

As a sales marketing associate, I always have the desire to make all my clients say “YES”. Hearing them saying that is like music to my ears. But before closing a deal with them, you have to work on it. Here are some tips on how deal with clients.

Introduce your company and yourself. The most important part before going to business is to give a brief background about your company. When did it start and how long have you been doing operations. Next, you should keep in mind to introduce yourself to your client. Yes, you should have introduced yourself the time you met or when you contacted the client. This part you should formally introduce your name and position. The good thing about it is once your client knows who you are, you will gain their trust and that would be a great start to talk about your purpose.

Ask them what they want. Ask them, what help do they need. With that you can introduce them to your product and services. Asking them will help you in which part of your presentation or proposal should you explain more. Recommend the best service that can probably help them solve their problem/s.

Show them what are your offers. Now, it’s time for business, you should be ready for a good presentation, if it’s possible for you to make a PowerPoint presentation it would be better but printed ones are also effective. Just make sure you have something good to present. A digital or a printed presentation with a good and simple design, and organized information will surely catch your client’s attention. Just make sure that it’s readable, clear, concise, and the information presented are real.

Explain briefly your offers. When you explain them your offers, show your client/s that you are knowledgeable of the products and services you are offering. Give them the detailed explanation about your offers, discuss the difference and what’s the advantage of each offers. Also, explain how are they going to avail your offers.

A good attitude. Attitude is always a big factor when you deal with clients. Keep in mind that when you have the good and right attitude clients would be more willing to listen to your proposal. Don’t miss a deal because of your attitude. If you have attitude problem, then you probably needed help and you’re the only one who can help yourself. As early as possible, try to fix it and it will help you not just today but also in the future.

Let them ask questions. After a brief presentation, give your clients the chance to ask questions and clarify anything. Client/s would understand more if their questions are answered. In answering their question/s, you should see to it that we are giving them the right information and if ever you have encountered question/s you can’t answer it’s better to say that you need to consult your CEO first about it.

Listen to them. Always remember that listening will show your client/s that you prioritize and interested to deal with them. A client would always feel if you really are attentively listening to them. Listen to your clients and they will listen to you.

These tips might be common but it will be a great help when you deal with clients in the future.

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