We’ve Been Killing South Asians Since They First Arrived To The U.S.
Imran Siddiquee

Brown Lives Matter

Now, more than ever South Asians need to declare solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. We are all considered “less than”, “other” and not part of America whether born here as I am, or emigre who comes here seeking a better life.

It’s about more than protesting or social justice.

We need to cooperate economically, create businesses together and especially for black folks make use of ties to other countries to develop export opportunities for products & culture.

I’ve worked side by side with South Asians for over twenty years. In fact back in 2008 I produced and directed the first episodes of a popular Bay Area show “Desi Unplugged” with co-producer and star Harmail Chatha.

I’d never heard of Bhangra music before doing the project,but now the music is part of my life. By reaching out I improved my life and expanded my circle of cultural & business contacts.

It’s a matter of survival that we do this more, in the age of Trump we must make our links stronger and our futures more secure by working together.