The One Method I’ve Used to Eliminate Bad Tech Hires

>Write the problem down for them to take home.

My god, yes! What is it with engineers who think writing down a problem in a tech interview is a crutch? And why is, “I’d Google the latest best practice to solve a problem” an indication of lack of skill? You should be overjoyed that I don’t think I know the answer to everything.

Which is likely to be better, the JSON library I used to interrogate objects I wrote a year ago, or the one that 50,000 people downloaded from GitHub that’s had 1,000 man hours of road testing and bug fixes applied?

BTW the reason you can’t find a Photoshop Unity Oracle DBA XML JSON Ruby Swift C# OpenGL CoreData BLE Full Stack Web Designer Android OSX iPad developer with 20 years experience is she doesn’t exist.

Companies could try hiring generalists with the aptitude to learn and then pay for professional development courses, but that would be bad. Apparently.

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