First steps into Automation

Making Rails Production Easy

I wrote a few scripts that can save you a ton of time!

The python scripts will setup rbenv/ruby/rails/nodejs/postgres.

The ruby scripts will create a valid production environment for each rails app you chose to use it on. If you have custom API keys, you will have to put those in the .rbenv-vars file.

If this interests you:

Here is my repo!

There are a few gists that I made depending on your machine.

This is for Ubuntu 12.04–15.10

My next step is to write a CHEF recipe that will do this all for you. All you have to do once everything is done is a set the same password you gave the ruby script to the postgres user the script creates! I am also going to write a script to setup a valid production environment for OSX so that you can make sure everything is good to go before pushing to heroku or seting your app up on a VPS/VM.

Here is an example gist:

I love Open Source, so I figured I would make a useful tool to give back to the community.