Here’s To The Deals Not Done

Robbie Bouschery
Jul 10 · 1 min read

When companies raise money, when funds get closed, when IPOs happen and acquisitions are announced- a wave of congratulatory posts roll through our newsfeeds. It’s like these stories maketh kings in the startup world.

‘Balled up paper’ from Unsplash

We like to hear and share narratives of success, as they paint the picture of what we can also achieve, if only we continue on our path.
On the flip side, what didn’t happen is not talked about — the deals not done, the offers turned down, the closings not closed.
However, they often provide the more compelling, and certainly more educational stories.

They’re often not stories of failure, rather tales of tough decisions made and harder paths taken. Deciphering what led to those will reveal the deeper learnings.

The next time you talk to a fellow entrepreneur, founder, investor or manager ask them about their deals not done. Listen closely and you’ll discover pieces of advice that would have evaded you otherwise.

I’ve currently challenged myself to write every day. This post is part of that series. Thank you for reading.

Robbie Bouschery

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Entrepreneur building a new stealth startup by day. Aspiring writer and curious thinker by night.

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