The Cruz Deception on “Amnesty.” Explained.

So Ted Cruz tried to attack Marco Rubio on Laura Ingraham’s radio show yesterday morning.

Rubio defanged the attack in about 30 seconds.

Ever since this moment, Ted Cruz’s campaign has been playing defense trying to clean up the rubble after Rubio dropped a daisy cutter on their strategy.

You see, Ted Cruz has been going around for over two years calling anything that isn’t his plan “amnesty.” It’s one of those words designed to cut off the discussion and send people into a tizzy.

The word actually has very little meaning anymore. The definition varies depending on who Ted Cruz would like to beat over the head with it at that particular moment. And the anti-establishment establishment eats it up. So Ted Cruz keeps using it.

Problem is Ted Cruz, according to his various definitions of the word, supports amnesty. He’s on record saying he supports a path for illegal immigrants to gain legal status. That, by Cruz’s and his supporters’ definition, is amnesty. They’re wrong, but they’re the ones who defined it that way.

Now, if there weren’t a guy in the race saying he’d round up and deport 11 million illegal aliens, Cruz could navigate the land mines he laid for himself and say it was always about a path to citizenship, not legal status. But Cruz’s only chance at the nomination is to get the bulk of Trump’s supporters when Trump eventually flames out. So now, Cruz can’t say he supports legalization.

Because Cruz has said that’s amnesty (which it isn’t) and he would lose the nativist Trump supporters he desperately needs to have a chance at the nomination.

Basically, Cruz took the anti-establishment establishment along for a ride and now he’s stuck.

If Cruz had some allies in the Senate or anywhere else, he could unstick himself. But… yeah.