Fear is what destroys the human mind. Fear is what forces humanity to commit evil acts, like genocides and wars. Fear is what leads us into our own death, caused by our own hands. Fear is an underling to evil. We create fear out worries and doubts and suspicions. We might not know it, but we can even fear our own friends and family. Fear goes hand in hand with panic as history has proven over and over again. Fear manipulates the mind into committing terrible crimes, even killing people (including one’s self). A great quote about fear comes from a small green alien named Yoda. “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.” People who live in fear and commit awful acts are always found in terrible condition or even dead, as seen by evil men as Saddam Hussein and Adolf Hitler. Fear is the catalyst of all evil acts; however, fear also gives rise to joy. Combatting and defeating it will cause our hearts and minds to be liberated. It can drive us to do better things in order to prevent them. Fear to a regular person is like an adversary a superhero almost always defeats. Each time we encounter fear, we try our best to prevail. Even though some may fall of the path and lose their life in the process, many of us destroy it and become much stronger in the process. We level up like we’re a Pokemon or a RPG character, gaining new powers each time we win. Even though new ones pop every now and then, most of us develop new ways to win. I’ve encountered fear several time. Every time it knocked me down, I thought I could never win. But at the same time, I somehow find the courage to tackle it head on. It’s the reason I keep on living. I find out something new about myself every time and that something helps make me stronger. Fear is a double-edged sword. It drives deep into our souls, and whether we come out on top or not is really up to us.

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