Prototype 1

Our group objective for the semester is to work on how might we promote breastfeeding during a mother’s hospital admission. After careful consideration, brainstorming, and class feedback, our group has decided to develop a new iPad or mobile device application for mothers to use at the bedside. This app will educate mothers on a variety of breastfeeding topics during the course of their hospital stay.

Login Screen: requires Username & Password
Welcome to Mother’s Guide: introduction, how to use, and benefits of breastfeeding
Baby Journal: parents can record feeding & output
Baby Stats: allows the parents to see statistics about their baby
What Would You Like to Learn Today?
Breastfeeding: mothers can learn about different BF topics
Antepartum checklist: what mothers should know before they give birth
Breastfeeding Latch: how to properly latch the baby onto the breast
Breastfeeding Positions
Newborn Care: parents can learn about newborn care
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