Netflix: Fantasy Face Swap

Netflix hijacks Snapchat’s face swap functionality to let people pretend to be stars from their favourite shows

Media-streaming giant Netflix has launched a new out-of-home campaign in Paris that encourages people to swap faces with their favourite Netflix characters using popular media platform Snapchat.

Snapchat’s face swap feature lets you take a selfie with another person (or a picture of another person) and superimpose their facial features onto your head (and vice versa).

Netflix’s campaign lets passers-by take a selfie with say, House of Cards character Frank Underwood or Kimmy Schmidt from The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and use the Snapchat lens to exchange facial features with them.

Contagious Insight /

Compelling content / This is a fun way for Netflix to remind people of all the entertaining characters that are exclusive to its platform. And because the results of face swaps are often pretty comical, it seems likely that people will interact with the ads, rather than ignoring them — and they might even share the results with their friends on Snapchat — leading to more exposure for the brand.

Platform hijacking / The brand is demonstrating a real understanding of the fun, transient content that Snapchat lets you produce, and has designed its ads to accommodate the way that face swap is used. Instead of buying ad space on Snapchat’s Discover platform, Netflix has chosen to create a novel experience that dovetails perfectly with Snapchat’s functionality — while promoting its offering.

(This story originally appeared on Contagious I/O, an intelligence tool featuring the most creative and effective ideas in marketing from around the world).