Do you have what it takes?

Pixels Camp is about technology, expression, spontaneity and… let’s face it, a little bit of controlled chaos, which has become a tradition of sorts.

And Presentation Karaoke is a key part of that tradition —if you want to get philosophical about it, it is all about celebrating (and disproving) the illusion of control. If you’re a Marketing person, it’s just insane fun.

And what better way to experience the illusion of control than to stand up on stage, take the microphone, and spent three minutes presenting… utter chaos.

Because, you see, you’ve never actually seen the slides. You have no…

The MxChip AZ3166 Azure Development Kit — soon in your possession.

At the last Pixels Camp, we issued a challenge for participants to use our Cognitive Services APIs and add artificial intelligence to their projects, and we were gratified by the number of inventive and original projects presented that year.

This year Pixels Camp will be hosting a special Makers Camp, and since we at Microsoft also sponsored the Lisbon Maker Faire because we believe that the “edge” is becoming just as important as the cloud, we decided to do something special involving hardware…

So we are proud to announce that we will be giving away Azure IoT Development Kits to…

Those of you who love retro gaming as much as we do and can’t wait for our Chasing Ghosts challenge are in for a treat this year… For this year’s Pixels Camp, we decided to up the ante a bit.

Last time around we went for two hard-boiled classics: Popeye and Dig Dug, two games that brought arcade purism to the Pixels Camp main stage:

Last edition’s event, with riveting live commentary by a couple of Muppets… Er… subject matter experts.

And we thought… How are we ever going to top that, short of hiring actual professionals for doing the…

At Microsoft, we know what it’s like to reach for the Moon. In fact, the explosive growth of the Azure cloud has already led us there in a way, since (little known fact) the fiber optics network we’ve laid to support it worldwide would stretch around four times to the Moon and back.

And we’d like to help you do the same at Pixels Camp, by leveraging the cutting edge AI technology that we deliver atop Azure together with three high quality public datasets in order to build an amazing project.

Think of it as the opportunity to take the…

I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Pivot tables on fire off a dashboard. R scripts glittering in the dark near the Hadoop cluster.

But (with apologies to Rutger Hauer for hijacking his amazing monologue) I’ve also seen a lot of data science being done technology-first without taking people or processes into account, and I thought I’d lay down some notions that stem from my experience steering customers and partners through these waters.

As a budding corporate anthropologist, (recovering) technical director and international cat herder, I am often amazed at how much emphasis is placed on technical skills and tooling…

For the past year and a half, the cloud industry has been abuzz with the term “serverless”, which has become both widely popular and (as is usual in technology) widely misunderstood and often misapplied.

And when I mean abuzz, I have the data to show it:

Google Trends for “serverless” (yellow), “serverless architecture” (red) and “azure functions” (blue, of course). Vertical axis is relative popularity over time.

So what is Serverless, anyway?

As everything in technology, you’ll get a different definition depending on whom you ask — vendors will tell you that the best, purest embodiment of the concept is their latest product (cue PowerPoint presentation), architects will tell you it’s a cleaner, more granular approach at building solutions, developers will tell you it’s the coolest…

Microsoft is a major Pixels Camp sponsor and we’re delighted to announce they have an exciting challenge for all participants.

Besides helping out with infrastructure for the event (both our digital signage solution and the security CTF contest are run on Azure) and bringing us top-tier speakers like Chris Heilmann, Microsoft has taken up the challenge set by Bright Pixel and would like to challenge all Pixels Camp participants to explore the Microsoft Cognitive Service APIs and incorporate them in your projects.

How to Use the APIs

All major technology corporations are investing a lot on AI and Microsoft is one of the companies taking…

So Big It’s Mega!

In case you don’t know NOS at all, they are Portugal’s largest cable operator and a rising star in the quad-play market, providing fixed, TV, internet and mobile access to a growing amount of the population.

Their lead in pay TV, broadband and cinema (they also operate more than 200 theatres in Portugal) stems largely from their strong internal culture and a drive to innovate, which makes them the perfect partners for Pixels Camp.

A Short Note of Thanks

And since Pixels Camp requires a hefty network infrastructure, we are happy to publicly thank NOS for all their support in this area — for it…

If you think you know what a spicy bifana is, then we have a surprise for you…

Pixels Camp is all about challenges — mental, physical, and… culinary.

Yes, you read that right. We have a grand tradition to uphold where it regards spicy food competitions, but we wanted to reinvent it in a way that would be both more fun and more Portuguese, so we turned to our friends over at EatTasty, who came up with the idea of turning the typical Portuguese bifana into a powerful, er… delivery mechanism.

We Need One Hundred Heros (and some)

Our mischevious plan is to gather 104 volunteers, feed them increasingly spicy bifanas and pick a lone courageous winner, who will bask in the inner glory…

Do you think you have what it takes to step up to the Pixels Camp main stage and deliver an outstanding presentation, no matter what?

Well, then, this year we’re bringing back our renowned Presentation Karaoke event, where you get to go up on stage, pick up a mike and deliver a stunning presentation to the whole of Pixels Camp, with a twist:

You’ve never seen the slides. You have no clue what will be up on screen next, how long it will be there (although we’ll keep a steady pace) or how long it will last (we’ll keep it…

Rui Carmo

I fix things other people designed broken — be they products or entire companies.

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