Product Management for the Enterprise
Blair Reeves

Like many others are saying in the comments, as an PM who has worked with some of the Fortune 500’s, this post definitely hit home. At one of the previous companies I worked for, we found a nice balance in the agile framework while still being able to continuously make improvements. We did 2 week sprint cycles with 1 week QA, then coordinated with a release manager for code deployment to ensure upgrade paths were clear.

It’s definitely a different ball game. You get a lot closer to the pain points of the customers because, often times, there are many people experiencing the pain. For example, you may do a rip-replace solution where you are delivering value to the CIO (cost), VP (ability to be strategic), Director (faster delivery), Employee (hit goals easier). As an enterprise PM, it’s important to know the pain and drivers for each individual, even if you’re not building product for that specific persona.

Great stuff!

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