Concept design for a Blockstack browser user account landing page.

First Draft Concept Designs

I experimented with layouts and functions.

The key design patterns or challenges I have to address are:

  • Categories or each app
  • Discoverability of newer apps
  • Users wallet and ability to Store, Send and Receive Bitcoin at a moments notice

SpeakOut Case Study Non-Profit Website Redesign to Increase Awareness and Engagement.

Project Scope

SpeakOut is a national non-profit organization that educates, inspires and empowers young people to become activists for social justice.

SpeakOut works with colleges, universities, schools, organizations, government agencies and the private sector, promoting critical analysis, creativity and innovative strategies…

A fintech app for a new generation of mobile inventors.

NvestN Mobile App

The Problem

Building wealth is complicated for many families of the current generation. Investing is at its lowest since 1995. Many families are underserved by banks and investment houses.


Create a mobile app that will allow users to interact with an automated…

Redesigned an antiquated desktop tax application into a custom software cloud system. A B2B product.

The Problem

Users originally had complicated folder structures with excel files that lived on their individual computers and shared drives. This led to complex review processes with many costly printouts, and storage of year old documents.



Photo by William Iven on Unsplash

In our industry there are so many different ways to go about doing user experience. Visit and you’ve find a web app for any single task or situation. From creating personas, to flowcharts and of course hundreds of wireframing apps. But all these apps have one or two features…

Rashan C.

Just a UX designer trying to create cool products and work on his writing.

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