Case Study — Redesign

SpeakOut Case Study Non-Profit Website Redesign to Increase Awareness and Engagement.

Project Scope

SpeakOut is a national non-profit organization that educates, inspires and empowers young people to become activists for social justice.

My Role

I partnered with the Managing Director to improve the experience of the overall website and workflow for visitors. I gathered user feedback, help establish the website and branded direction. Lastly, I designed new functionalities for the experience of finding and booking speakers.

The Team

• Managing Director
• Business owners
• Volunteer Developer (Soon to be on-boarded to the project)

The Problem

Their website is outdated and not engaging, not intuitive, and overall the intention of the organization is unclear. Also simplify the process for inquiring or learning more about their speakers and programs.


We referred to the previous UX research personas to guide us in creating the wireframes and the following UI designs of the website.

User Journey


As one of the first deliverables, I created a sitemap of what I thought should be the website architecture. I reviewed this with the Managing Director (MD).


In our first homepage draft, I tried to keep the sections to a bare minimum.


Before moving on to the UI design phase, the Managing Director gave me inspiration for the website. Provided were photographs that captured the colors she was envisioning. I took that inspiration, and made a series of color swatches to use in moodboards.


For the best experience, I chose an adaptive layout method for this project.

Current designs

I took the design back and experimented because I did not feel that the first draft captured the mission of the organization.

Just a UX designer trying to create cool products and work on his writing.