Let’s talk about Product Management
Josh Elman

This description of the role of product management is among the best I’ve seen. A product manager is a product team leader, where the team is cross-functional and includes developers, designers, marketing, sales, and support. A good product manager leads the process of making informed product decisions that lead to product success.

One piece missing or lacking sufficient attention in these slides is the central role of the unique value proposition. Your team shouldn’t brainstorm and prioritize ideas using a smattering of criteria, whether or not those criteria are explicitly defined. Even the company’s business goals aren’t the right criteria to apply.

The unique value proposition should be the primary driver of your roadmap, and your team should evaluate all product decisions through the lens of the value proposition. See http://blog.cauvin.org/2015/08/why-spreadsheets-suck-for-prioritizing.html.

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