Ethno-nationalism is a form of racism. If you needed to be told that, here’s your basket.
Paul Gowder

Ethno-nationalism can be racist, but it does not have to be. When it calls for any kind of discrimination against ethnic minorities legally residing within the ethnonational state, that’s obviously racist. But when it calls for very carefully controlled immigration, it is not racist, unless preference is given to one outside ethnic group of immigrant applicants vs. another. For example, if it called to allow only immigrants with PhD degrees, that’s not racist — as long as they can be of any race. Elitist - maybe; but not racist.

Interestingly, civic-nationalism, when practiced in the wrong way, can be just as racist as ethno-nationalism practiced in the wrong way, when the ethnic group that is perceived to have been historically dominant is being discriminated against — for example, if whites are discriminated in a mixed-race civic-nationalist country for historically having oppressed others, while the current generations of whites have nothing to do with that oppression and do not deserve to pay for the transgressions of previous generations of whites from long ago.

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