The use of the word ‘murder’ in the title is inflammatory.
Paul Frantizek

Actually Gasser escalated by giving chase. The event doesn’t exactly fit manslaughter: without deliberation, premeditation, and malice. There was plenty of time to in the chase to determine want he wanted to do and decide he was going to kill Joe. There have been many cases where the person chasing is charged with murder when the person chased ends up dead. Woman in San Diego. Also another case where road rage scenario ended at stop light and a man shot from car to at a stop through the windows. Bowman case. He claimed fear for his life, as Gasser may, but it was not realistic, as it is here. A unarmed (at all ) man standing ‘outside’ your ‘passenger side’ car window is a threat to your life????? In any case that person convicted of murder. Race could have played a part in the motivation\fear\hate here, but who knows? The point is the word murder is not inflammatory, but instead is something that must be examined.

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