How? There is no how.

People love the victory, but hate the fight. They love the results but hate the process of getting there.

We all want more. More healthy, More money, More productive, More audience, More likes, More followers, More money.

You search for the hacks, the quick fixes, the green smoothies, the diet pills. You buy one more book, telling yourself, maybe this one will actually have the secret.

There is no secret. You just have to put in the work. That’s it. That’s the secret.

You have to be the last one in the training field. You have to read more, love more, eat better, write more content, write more often, show up, try harder, try different, try again. You already know how. Love the fight.

Maybe in the process of trying you’ll find acceptance.

Acceptance you don’t really need those abs anyway, or acceptance you don’t want the stress that comes with having a startup, or acceptance you don’t really like green kale all that much, so it’s ok to have pizza instead. Just this one time.

I first learned this from David Cancel and Dave Gerhardt. Unsponsored. For real. Check them out!