Hello World!

This is a new blog/ journal, call it whatever you want, about the idea of turning a hobby or an interest into a business. I will treat this as an experiment. Currently, I am a freelancer providing professional services in the tourist industry and the plan is substitute this income with an other small business, based on my hobbies and interests.

There are countless of forum conversations and articles on the interweb which tells you:

A; How you can make a multi million pounds business, from whatever you want without any background, as long as you want it. (very few which are actually help, they mostly copy/paste click hunting posts)

B; Don`t ever attempt anything, 20 years ago it was good, but now it is hard, economic climate, this and that, yadda, yadda, yadda. Best if you go and work for a multi as a wage slave (SciFi fans!) for the rest of your life and give in to the everyday expectations of the society you live in. Which is not an issue if that is what you want, the problem occurs when you would want something different.

C; A few posts and forum threads are actually giving sound advise. I always appreciate people with two feet on the ground, while working towards a vision of their own life.

I have read somewhere that one key to success is to keep a journal about the project. I believe there are much more keys to success than this but I wanted to start a blog again for a long time anyway, so this is a good excuse test the above.

So, I will do an experiment here. I will attempt to make a little business (if I will get rich, that is a bonus, but it is not the aim) out of a couple of hobbies of mine.

Remote Controlled models (small vehicles) and classic full size vehicles. Deliberately, I did not write “toys”, although technically they are toys but I will concentrate on the hobby, it`s educational (!!!), entertainment values and it`s possible roles in the professional service industry.

My plan is to post anything, which I find interesting and linked to this little venture. Which might be an experience, a review, a restoration project or just a thought.

So if you are interested in any of the above, please sign up and read whether I get anywhere.