David J. Michael

But I wasn’t there. What I did learn is that — like when reading crime accounts in the newspaper—scepticism is always called for. There are many sides to every story and the reported ones are only a fraction.

There are some good points here. After reading and commisserating with Christiana and admiring her decision to “introduce” her son and his friends to the next door neighbor (he didn’t know his teenage neighbor and he was “watching” the neighborhood?) and then reading this, I reconsidered. There is apparantly considerable exaggeration involved: I get it that an army would not be assigned to a home invasion/burglary/robbery.

I also get it that even if it had been two cops, they had guns, could have run into the boys coming out, anyone could have acted stupidly, and someone could have been killed. All because of a stupid phone call. What mother would not overreact to that?