It IS significant,
Todd Brison

For me, Medium is a means to dialogue, and dialogue doesn’t include screaming. My issue with Medium is that “stories” is used as in journalism. I once worked as an editor at a business newspaper and all the reporters turned in “stories.” Now that I am trying to get read as a fiction writer, stories — as in short stories — on Medium are rare. I got more “hearts” for my comment on your story than I get on my fiction. Who do I recommend that you read? Anyone. Even bad stories can resonate, although at this late stage in my life, I don’t like to spend my little remaining time reading fiction that includes things that are improbable or unbelievable. I hung up my suspension of disbelief a few years ago, so anything supernatural, futuristic or overly coincidental get ignored. No ghosts, saints, talking babies, dogs (or walnuts for that matter) especially if they are lost in space in a different dimension. (See my story “Miracle Drug” for my sort-of manifesto. I wrote that after reading some really good Steven King, so I don’t always do as I say). Thanks for apologizing — your delay is both understandable and forgiven.