A Humble Request From One Writer To Another To Perhaps

I am not above doing a little unabashed self-promotion — and promoting a writer I think is going places. First, me (of course). I think the best fiction piece that I would share here is Miracle Drug, because it is short and snappy, followed closely by Hand Shadows, because it is not short and quite serious. Some of my other fiction may be too long and too dark (the gory Three Letters Home is the best example). I have posted nearly 50 personal essays on 100 Naked Words and I am aiming for 100. I’d like to think they are all good, but I will go along with the crowd. The story with the most reads is (inexplicably) Our DailyBreadfruit. My #1 poem is Impression, and the second is Idiolect. In this I agree with the readers.

I discovered Chris McQueer not long ago. I read The Fart and laughed so much I cried. I guess I have a gross sense of humor — and Chris has a sharp sense of irony.

That’s it. It is hard to take the time to pick through the quarry of stories on Medium to find the gems. I was once a rock hound and sometimes I would be out for days or weeks and not find a stone that I liked. Your great idea here made the work easier. I’d like to see it happen often!