When It Doesn’t Feel Like Enough
Zac Chapepa

I have yet to discover many places to share fiction on Medium. The Weekly Knob keeps me doing new work, but I have tried to find other places and have failed. I don’t like the idea of writing in a vacuum and not having people read and react to what I write. Writing may be a solitary pleasure, but like masturbation, it is ultimately more enjoyable when shared. The few sites that I have found seem to have arcane submission requirements, do not answer queries, or are not accepting. I am new to Medium, so it may just be that I have not found the right “home” for my admittedly eccentric work. My problem is not so much completing drafts, but finding publications that will take them and readers who will read them. Also, do you find it frustrating to put a piece out there and find that no one comments on it? For me, comments are like paymet for my work. I thrive on knowing how readers feel.