Trust me, Ronald C.
White Feather

I hear you. Every day I promise myself not to check the stats and every day I do it! There doesn’t seem to be any logic to it — although I am a poster child for dyscalculia and I wouldn’t be able to analyze the data if my cat’s life depended on it.

I have one post, #29 in my 100 Naked Words series, that has received 88 views, 52 reads and 11 recommends — a stunning achievement among my countless posts. It’s a good post with a sincere message, but it is basically about a tree that grows in my garden. I think I have written some more profound posts and I am certain that my fiction is far superior to anything else I write (IMHO) but that breadfruit story somehow resonated. Go figure.

I am not complaining, of course. I am just admitting that I don’t know what it is that inspires people to read and recommend any one post. Maybe its my spectacular photography! Whatever it is, since I thrive on attention, I wish I could bottle it and sprinkle it on my fiction!

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