Ronald, this is the one question I have no answer to.
White Feather

I just returned to this and enjoyed it even more on a second reading. I get it, Medium is the message. Medium channels a writer’s energy, but it is the story that is the beneficiary, not the reader.

I am still ambivalent about not caring if anyone reads me. How can words — and the energy behind them — mean anything, be anything, take any form, inspire anything, recreate anything, if they are abandoned on pages (or screens) that no one ever looks at?

I’m with you about wanting people to buy my books (they don’t), but I want those reads (not the little green hearts) but the stats that say 2000 have viewed my stories this month and hundreds have actually read them. A few months ago (before medium) virtually nobody read me.

I guess I am a lot needier than you!

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