There’s a lot to learn in this piece alone.
Zac Chapepa

Well, the crisis is over. I posted this rather commercial message on FB today. I repeat it here just so you know my house and I are powerful once again!

Electricity! I feel like singing that Elton John song from Billy Elliot. My good friend Danny Benmuhar rode in today on a white horse, spent hours testing practically every electric connection in the house, worked his way back to the power company, Autoridad de Energia Electrica cable and found the problem: something flaky with one of the wires coming from the transformer to the house. It is something the power company might have fixed almost a month ago, but they are still busy ignoring the people of Puerto Rico and finding ways to raise their already extortionist rates! Hail Danny! He is an electrical engineer and owner of Alternative Energy Engineering, Inc. (AEE Inc). “The Authority in Energy Alternatives” ( If you are interested in solar panels, wind turbines, batteries, generators, EV charging stations, solar carports, LEDs whatever, he is the man to consult!!! And he loves cats! How much greater can you be? You can call him for a consultation about how to save money with a full or partial alternative system at 787–593–9401 or 787–460–9757.