“Primarily fiction” depends on if you’re counting hours spend writing or pieces put out.
Aura Wilming

Yes, I see your point. I would not want to be involved quite now in creating, editing or co-editing a publication. As you may know, I edited several print publications (business publications!) and I am not interested in doing anything like that again. A million years ago I co-founded and edited two publications, one a college student literary magazine and the other a graduate student bulletin. Now in my dotage I just want to write fictional stories and I want to place them where people will read them. I could just create my own publication here on Medium, but that seems so vanity press. I have heavily promoted my archive site and virtually no one has visited it.

Maybe it is just that Medium is not the place for me. Looking over my stats, I see at least some people are reading me, but am aghast that my most recommended story is a comment I made about somebody else’s non-fiction post!

I enjoy the challenge of The Weekly Knob, but I have been doing a lot of traveling lately and haven’t been able to keep up. I plan to return soon. I have contributed to a few other online publications and had a story in an anthology recently, but I don’t really feel comfortable with any of them: too uneven, too amateur or too cliquish. I took on 100 Naked Words and hope to hang in there for 100 stories, but that is not my primary goal.

I have some stories I really want to get out into the world, but I don’t want them to languish in the dark. They are my babies and need to see the light!

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