New (Academic) Year, New Job…

Over the past few years I have been combining industrial software development and consulting work, with guest lecturing work, aiming to bring real world experience in to the university classroom. From this September I am making this a more formal part of my work life, and am pleased to have been appointed as Principal Teaching Fellow in the Computing department at Imperial College London, focussing on professional practice in computing.

Queen’s Tower, Imperial College London

I will be working to ensure that the content being taught across all modules in the Computing curriculum keeps pace with the rapidly changing state of industrial practice, trying to make sure that the courses taught in the department cover the issues, practices, tools and techniques that students will find in industry when they graduate.

In doing this, I want to maintain and extend my professional network, discussing issues and problems of the day, looking at how work gets done in practice, what’s new, what works, and distill this back into the educational curriculum. I hope I can visit lots of teams working in different companies to see what they are doing. I’m thinking about it as field work to research the state of practice, and aiming to build bridges and create opportunities and links between the academic and the commercial world. Please get in touch if you would be interested in collaborating.

I’ll also be attending various conferences through the year, to find out about more new developments, talk about education, and discuss the state of practice with friends and colleagues.

I’m looking forward to it being a good and busy year!