Before you ask for help with your data science code

Before posting your question, first try getting to YES to all these questions:

  1. Did I post the exact error? If it is error related, don’t make people ask for this. Pasted error text is 10x better than screenshot (you can search easily). But a screenshot is 100x times better than nothing.
  2. Did I post an example of my data? Post a whole row (with col names) of key data frames if at all possible. The minimum data needed to know what’s going on.
  3. Did I share enough code? Screenshots of code are generally NOT helpful at all. You can paste larger blocks to , , etc.
  4. Did I explain *why* I’m trying to do this? Others can only really help you if you state your upstream goal(s). Sometimes your assumptions are wrong, you should be doing it all a different way, so the immediate question is not relevant. Ideally, state your sub-goals up multiple levels of whys. Wiser folks might help you one or two levels above where you expect.
  5. Did I boil the problem down? We cannot expect people to puzzle through large blocks of code and data. Besides, that makes the problem harder to see for everyone. Ideally, refine to the smallest code and data combo that exhibits your issue, then share that.

Thanks :)

Reinforcement Learning fanatic

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