Dear Trump Supporter who says they love me,
Amanda Deibert

It would be easy for me to make up some bullshit argument about how my friend who voted for Trump is hurting my child and putting my life in danger (I too, am a minority), extrapolating his politics to the point that my friend is to blame for my suffering. But you know what? That same friend helped me out when I was sick. He supported me through my tough times. He made personal sacrifices for me in my time of need. He gave me time. He gave me money when I needed it. He gave me a ride to the hospital. In every moment of my life when I needed him, he was there to lift me up. Now your telling me that because his politics are different from mine, I have to overlook all of the amazing things that he did for me and basically call him a traitor? Congratulations….you just granted Trump the ultimate power over you. You let him affect your friendships.

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