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As a way of memorializing dead loved ones, bots built from the immense digital trail individuals leave behind become common. Preparing the bot is just another step of estate planning. However, instead of a lawyer, the process is handled by a bot creation service provider, an entity that sits somewhere at the intersection of funeral services, social media, and tech.

To immerse viewers in the process of setting up a bot version of themselves, I’ll be designing the service flow. Viewers will be presented with a variety of questions like how much data is to be used, who has access to the bot, will the bot take on a physical form, how does one interact with the bot?

In addition to designing the journey map and touchpoints, the service will need to be branded. My initial thought was to start looking at pharmaceutical branding to communicate a sense of reliability and trust, but a cursory search suggests it’s not the most innovative visual landscape.

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