If you’re here, I’m assuming that you already know what Open Source is. I won’t be talking about how open-source software (OSS) works and who open-source contributors are. Instead, I’ll specifically talk about the need for contributor recognition in the open-source community and how various organizations can follow it. If that’s something that interests you then you should give this one a read.

To make sure we’re on the same page, I’ll write it down in the form of questions followed by their answers.

What is contributor recognition?

When I use the term contributor recognition, I am referring to the act of recognizing the…

What is Google Code-in?

For me, Google Code-in is an exceptional platform to bring together a wide range of like-minded young tech enthusiasts from all around the world, to learn and develop solutions for the ever-increasing problems faced by everyone.

How it all started

It started with me, looking forward to my seniors who became the Grand Prize Winners of previously held GCIs. There was a very positive and motivated vibe among the members of the tech club of our school i.e. Tech Syndicate.

The Mifos Initiative 🚀

I have seen a lot of students struggle while choosing the organization which they think can best fit with their skill-set. Luckily for me…

Rachit Gupta

unmade bed of a man · developer & designer

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