How Developing Mall Culture Has Refined Customer Satisfaction

Over the past decade, mall culture in India has significantly grown, and grown for the best. This culture has taken over the other mediums of shopping, eating and recreation, leaving people in complete awe of ensured customer experience and satisfaction.

The reason this culture is here to stay is because the stellar experience it offers to its customers in terms of range and comfort. A big mall holds multifarious outlets and franchisees of Indian and International brands — be it of retail, food, make-up, toys or electronics. And with this culture kicking in, people really don’t have to bother hopping to different markets to buy goods or care for a good company. They can relish the goodness of retail therapy even when they are alone.

Malls have made shopping in Mumbai quite easier for people and that’s a given. Beating the heat in summers or withstanding the rigors of monsoons for shopping is a fading concept, since now they have access to a sheltered and fully air conditioned place to shop from, for almost everything.

They do not have to trot from one place to another to find diverse range of products, rather they stutter from one international brand to another; treating their shopaholic self with bags, shoes, clothes, accessories, belts, heels alike.

Apart from the joy of retail therapy, there is also the comfort of finding diverse cuisines under one roof. Malls too harbour leading hotel and café chains belonging to India and abroad alike, catering to the myriad needs of people. Be it Italian, Chinese, Lebanese, Tex Mex, Ethiopian, Tibetan, Pan Asian, Indian, Thai, Mediterranean — you name it, and they have it. At one single place you can enjoy the bliss of authentic Italian pizza for lunch and mouth-watering fajitas and quesadillas for evening snacks.

Apart from these two major things, biggest malls in Mumbai also extend various services and options for recreation. One can easily pass his or her time attending events or window shopping at standees that keep happening at malls. There are various events malls arrange for such as festivals, flash-mob, promotions, live bands, flea markets etc.

One can also catch a movie at the leading multiplexes located within the premises. There are various bookstores that offer peace, tranquillity and most importantly abundance of books, where you can pull out one, sit and read and buy the ones you like.

At the end of a long day, you can get yourself some beauty and spa treatment that you always have been willing to. Malls now also harbour leading salon chains that offer hair spa and body massages along with beauty treatments that will make your muscles feel relaxed and skin shining.

Plus there are always great discounts one can always look out for to save those precious pennies that can be spent elsewhere. Markets used to consume time, leaving one lethargic. But malls have redefined this notion by offering best of every world under one roof where people enjoy day in and out happily. Customer satisfaction levels redefined!