Marijuana Legalization

Thesis: Legalization of marijuana is not only medically beneficial, but also economically benevolent by providing our government with millions of dollars in tax revenue.

HIV/Aids Symptoms’ Can be Relieved

March 2009, lower crossroads in Cape Town.

Almost 39,000 people are diagnosed with HIV in the United States each year, and about 12,000 patients will die. Cannabis consumption has been proven to relieve an number of symptoms including nausea from chemotherapy and loss of appetite among HIV positive patients.

Stress Kills and Weed Kills Stress

December 2015, Brighton, UK

Stress has been shown to shorten life, weeken immune systems, promote disease, damage heart muscles, and be neggative for ones health. But when the main ingredient in marijunana, THC, is released it stimulates certain cannabinoid receptors that increase the release of dopamine. This superfluous release of dopamine enhances the feeling of pleasure and has been proven to lower stress.

Marijuana Will Decrease Debt

August 2015, shown at the National People’s Congress.

The U.S. government is roughly $19.5 trillion in debt. From legal marijuana sales in 2015, Colorado alone, received nearly $70 million in tax revenue. This is almost half of Colorado’s full tax revenue of $135 million that year. If marijuana was federally legal, it is estimated to accumulate $8.7 billion in federal and state tax revenue annually.

A Better Economy = More Jobs

December 2016, Summit Hall

About 92 million american citizens are unemployed. legal cannabis sales result in a tax revenue that will improve our economy. a superior economy leads to more jobs, higher success rate, and improved safety through our governments military.

Marijuana Usage Rates Are On The Rise

December 2016, 804 S College Ave.

“If marijuana use was legalized and individuals had easy access to the drug, usage rates would rise by approximately 50 percent in the U.S.” (Trilling). Marijuana dispensaries have caused weed to be as prevalent as medicines’ atenability is from a local corner store, while making cannabis just as accessible as alcohol is, from a liquor store.

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