A Sartorial Introduction

No hortatory prescriptions or proscriptions.

No ‘style hacks’ or ’10 things men are doing wrong’ will be found here.

No generic product reviews or experiences with the next online MTM debacle will be recounted here either. 
 The general premise of these articles is to foster a sense of understanding, and unpacking the mystique, cynicism, elitism and all yet weirdly welcoming sartorial community for sartorialists, budding sartorialists, and honestly, people who don’t care but might wonder why I or other people have chosen to sink hours into daydreaming about this. Bottom line is, it’s for anyone interested. I’m here to present some opinions and perspectives, with some open-textured discussion.
 As such, the series of publications have multi-pronged objectives and/or principles I want to abide by:

  1. I want to discuss my observations of sartorialism and other concomitant issues wherever I go. These will necessarily include social, cultural, economic, and sometimes vaguely political concerns.
  2. This is NOT a lifestyle blog. I’m not here to sell you a lifestyle of ‘gentleman’s etiquette’. Also, it’s manifestly obvious that most people can’t afford such an opulent lifestyle, and they have other priorities.
  3. I want to connect with people. I like doing it even more when it’s something I really like, and whether others reciprocate this sort of investment will be unknown. Knowing the people behind the brands, the people behind the artisanal personas, and the people behind the flashy pages is humanising, especially for an area of interest that suggests an abundance of glamorous lifestyles. Above all, I want to showcase people, from bigger names in this circle, to people in the incipient stages of their appreciation for sartorialism.
  4. I’m not here to sell a product or advocate for particular articles of clothing. I don’t want to make statements akin to why everyone needs a Safari jacket, or why you MUST purchase a 4-ply Mohair, high-twist piece for your 9–5 because I read it off a more successful publication.
  5. We’re not going to take this overly seriously. I’d rather not be featured on the aptly titled ‘what.a.bunch.of.dildos’ page or incur the wrath of Styleforum geeks either.

So where do we start? ‘The more I learn, the less I know’ seems to be a good place. For so long I’ve been fearful of writing where I could be ignorant about something as seemingly frivolous as this. But I don’t think it matters as much now — ignorance about my own knowledge of sartorialism isn’t an endpoint, and I hope you can accompany my musings.