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I sense the quickness in your breath

Eyelids at half mast

Skin prickling with gooseflesh

Heartbeat visible in the veins of your throat

Now, beads of moisture rise on your chest, belly, face

Nipples erect, eyes closed, muscles straining beneath your skin

Fingers and toes curled and clenched

Body rigid; what next?

Wave after wave of muscle spasms

Eyes wide, teeth bared, muscles involuntarily spasm beneath your skin

A small, low scream escapes from deep in your being


La Petite Mort; the little death

Eyes closed now, skin too sensitive to touch

Time for quiet, time for stillness, time for recovery

Time for resurrection, a return from death

Breathing slows, eyes half open

A slow smile, flushed cheeks returning to normal

Bathing in the twilight glow of climax

Be patient my love, I am here beside you

I cannot believe my privilege

To be your lover

To be your helper

To be in your presence as you experience your little death

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