How to Get a Libra Man to Miss You? 4 Powerful Tips

how to get a libra man to miss you image
how to get a libra man to miss you image

Wondering how to get a libra man to miss you? Maybe you have begun seeing a charming Libra guy but are not certain that he will miss you when you are not around? Here a few techniques that should make him miss you.

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How to Get a Libra Man to Miss You?

1. Be Mysterious At first

Before you leave from a date, tell him a part of a story and after that let him know that you would like to tell him the next time you meet up. If he truly likes you; he will be quite curious and will not want to wait for too long to discover the remainder of that story.

This can keep him involved in the relationship. Learning about you is the greatest feeling on the planet.

Question him a lot but do not disclose too much about your own life to him. Simply give him bits of it each time.

He’ll be just as mysterious as you. If you do not mind unraveling him gradually; he is an interesting man well worth the wait.

2. Sweet Messages

You can message him through social media, text, or e-mail; send him something like “ I am hoping you have a fantastic day!”

These types of messages make him feel that he is special to you. He is very likely to text you back with something as equally sweet.

When you messaging him, it’s also possible to make up a nickname for him and address him that way. Try not to text him many times (Three or more times each day) except if he is texting you back with the exact same frequency.

Being in a position to show him that you are a sweetheart is going to win his heart. It will likewise make him miss you.

He’s one that’s certainly more into quality versus quantity. Having said that; he may miss you however, not want to meet you for a few days or a week. This is not something to be concerned about.

3. private space

At the start; make an effort to space your dates out in order that you two are not with each other regularly. He will appreciate this and thereafter when he is together with you; he will ensure you have the time of your life.

A Libra man does enjoy a little space and time to himself and so he can think. Without a little time alone, he can’t make proper decisions.

He will still want some space every now and then after you have been dating a while; He wants to maintain it that way generally. It is the self-aware part of himself. He understands what he requires.

If you give him space; he will become more interested in dating with you because he WILL miss you while you are not around.

4. Subtlety

You need to be viewed as independent. When you text him, let him know you are thinking of him however, you don’t really need to say “I miss you”. This is particularly harmful if it is just been days or perhaps just a week.

This appears clingy to him and will backfire. After you have been together for years; this will not make a difference however in the early days; you should give him space and time to miss you.

Simply be sweet and let him know he is in your head. Be romantically sweet and sticky without showing that you are needy and you will win his heart.

Eventually; you have to be patient and allow things to flow naturally. By trying to rush him; he will respond badly. Actually; he may cut it off so take the time!

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