How to Make a Libra Man Obsessed With You?

Alice Florence
Jul 19 · 4 min read
how to make a libra man obsessed with you image
how to make a libra man obsessed with you image

Wondering how to make a libra man obsessed with you? A Libra man is often attracted to a romantic woman. In addition, he’s into a lady with an independent and confident character, thus do not be shy to him.

You can use flattery to attract a Libra man or grab his attention; having said that, you have to shower him with romantic gestures to keep his attention.

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How to Make a Libra Man Obsessed With You?

1. Be yourself

If a Libra likes you, it is because he likes your character and how you usually behave around him. Instead of changing something, simply be who you actually are!

He can easily notice if you are trying too hard or faking. He’d appreciate if you do not be reluctant to show the real you as he knows that everyone has flaws.

2. Have confidence

In accordance with Libra males, confidence is sexy. If you are inclined to coward behind your friends when chilling out or joining in a crowded party, then you’re not an ideal type for a Libra man. He will feel bored with women with low self-esteem.

You need to be secure with your inner self. He will proud of you when he sees you getting confident with who you are.

3. Do not be demanding

A Libra man does not like ladies who boss him around or are too demanding o. If you act in a demanding manner usually, he’ll be confused about the relationship with you, much like he is losing the right to decide on things.

Never ever attempt to control your guy as he really hates it. Rather, tell him you are able to manage a relationship.

4. Be a kind person

Which characteristics a Libra guy will look for from his partner? What he expects to see the most is your attitude towards others.

Express your kindness to everyone, not just him. Be kind and he will definitely have a very good impression of you and keep thinking about you every single night.

5. Take proper care of yourself

Centering on him only won’t make him realize your true value. This man doesn’t like ladies who provide all of her attention to him even if she’s to take herself for granted.

You should never ignore your needs if you want to improve this relationship. Invest some time for yourself as well! Provide your appearance an upgrade and he’ll be obsessed with you. He loves his cherished one getting more beautiful and more attractive as days pass.

6. Be passionate

Libra man has a great passion. When he discovers something unique and special, he will not mind chasing after it, he’ll disregard things ordinary or too common.

So, show him you’re a special person.

If you are good at playing an instrument, then try to perform in front of him. He’d be totally impressed if you draw a painting of his portrait as a present for him. You shouldn’t be scared to share with him concerning the ambitions you’re going to accomplish down the road because Libra is an excellent supporter.

Never stop bettering yourself and allow him to see that you are passionate about this life.


You don’t need to sacrifice or force yourself to change to get him to keep thinking of you. Try to center on ways to improve and better yourself. Love and respect yourself. Rather than begging him for his attention, you need to let him know how special you are and he’ll give it to you willingly.

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How to Make a Libra Man Obsessed With You? by Alice Florence

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