Signs a Libra Man is Not into You — 9 Signs to Take Note

Alice Florence
Jul 22 · 5 min read
signs a libra man in not into you image
signs a libra man in not into you image

What are the Signs a Libra Man is Not into You? The Libra guy is objective and tries to judge all the things under his own lenses of rationality. He has an appealing personality that can attract and impress people easily. So, how do you know if he has lost interest and is not in love?

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Signs a Libra Man is Not into You

1. Keep his choices open

Libra man loves staying in large get-togethers and when he’s uncertain of someone, he will continue his search for his real love. He is patient and calm. He’ll avoid rushing to commit to a person in a long-term relationship. He’s open to taking chances to locate his ideal companion, the one he feels he deserves instead of putting up with the average.

2. Less communication

The Libra man is smart and quite chatty and can hook a person in a conversation. When your Libra man is really captivated by you, he’ll keep in touch. He’d be keen to know all about you. On the other hand, communication fades if he doesn’t consider you worthy of his time.

You could possibly hear less from him and even no contact.

3. Giving you false promises

Libra man is selfish because he wants to keep a perfect balance and peace in life. He’s interested in assuring harmony in his life no matter the consequences. Due to his sense of being just and fair, it makes it hard for him to hurt someone directly.

To prevent confrontations, he could look for a fast and simple solution to concealing the truth. In order to help you stay happy momentarily, he’ll keep you in a state of limbo. It follows with a number of lies and soon you give up on him voluntarily.

4. Irregular meetings

Libra man will seek your company more regularly if he wants to woo you. He desires to be around you and make the most of his time with you.

If he avoids catching up with you, then he is not interested. He is not certain of making you his priority and therefore, does not expect any effort from your side as well. He knows that regular meetings may possibly increase hopes and place him in a predicament which he can not afford. If that’s so, it’s an obvious sign he isn’t interested.

5. A shortage of emotional attachment

He is able to engage with somebody without any sense of attachment whatsoever. He is able to sustain his distance yet still appear involved, which makes it sometimes difficult to understand his inner thoughts. He’s too distracted emotionally to pay attention to something for too long. Having a short-attention-span, he can quickly pull away if somebody is slightly attracted to him.

He does not look for emotional validity and divides his attention to several options. Having a fragile ego, he’s frightened to commit too early to a girl who does not turn on his passions. Although you might want a stable connection, he may just consider you an experiment of his fast-dating exercise.

6. Does not proud of you

Libra man will show you off if he is into you. He will not be reluctant to be seen or showing loving gestures in public places. He is a confident person and his self-esteem doubles up when he locates the right woman to romance with.

On the other hand, if a person fails to deliver his expectations, he’ll shy away from a bold show of his feelings for his companion.

7. Not including you in future plan

The Libra guy desires to set up a family with the girl he’s devoted to. He’s thoughtful and kind and will remain patient with her so long as she reciprocates to the same exact degree. He enjoys the quality things in life, searches for the beauty of experiences.

If he hardly ever talked of a family with you, he’s held his choices open. He is simply not that into you.

8. Not introducing you to his family

If he does not introduce you to his family, you’re merely a secret that he prefers to keep outside his holy place. By displaying his unwillingness to meet up with your friends and family he has no intention to develop a long term relationship with you. In addition, most likely, his moral sense does not permit him to raise your hopes or create false expectations that he can never sustain.

9. Does not stand by you

If a Libra man would support you if he is into you and cared for you. When he prefers to keep a distance from you, he’s absolutely nothing to do with your well-being. In love, the Libra guy will not leave your side and encourages you to become the greatest version of yourself. Without this kind of positive engagement, he’s not even close to being your confidante.

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Signs a Libra Man is Not into You — 9 Signs to Take Note by Alice Florence

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