[RCNT] Intoduction for Participating Special Deal and the way how to get the Bonus

We appreciate you very much for your interest in RCNT (REO) Foundation.
Starting making Kakaotalk offical Channel in Korea, Airdrop channel was opened on 10th October, and the channel has achieved the target as 1,500 people in 7 days.
In addition, we are working with members through various social network services such as telegram (Global/Korea), Guildchat and Wechat.

As we announced a few times in advance, Tronscan Deal has just begun right now. We would like to refer to this deal as a “Special Deal”.
Please note that the sales period will be from 1st to 30th November for just 1 month, and only about 10% of RCNT token sales will be sold by this.

Please note that Prviate sales are scheduled to take place in December after Tronscan Deal, and we expect the price to rise during this period.
It will be done in an offline exclusive distributor, not online sales.

In the future, we have some plan to announce the launch of RCNT Mobile Application (Alpha) in the first quater of 2019, the opening of Retail shop/partnership, the version of Beta, listing on some exchange as well.
We expect a lot of excitement to announce for RCNT members next year.

[How to participate Tronscan Deal]

  1. Login tronscan.org (By using your private key or keystore file)

2. Enter keyword as RCNT in search box (Do not enter in lowercase or REO)

3. Click the participate button in the right side of the token information (or click it in the token information screen)

4. Enter the number of RCNT token that you want to purchase in the pop-up window (The site will calculate the ratio between TRX and RCNT automatically)

5. Confirm the quantitiy and click the button ‘confirm’

[How to get 40% Bonus] — It’s the most important content. please see below.

  1. Transaction access after clicking wallet in upper right corner.

2. Click Hash of description as ‘PARTICIPATEASSETISSUECONTRACT’.

3. Copy the URL of the screen and send it to the below address

4. After the end of the Tronscan Deal, you will receive 40% bonus.
(All work will be done in manually, the distribution of bonus will be sent within December)

Thank you very much to OREO