Italy cannot play in technology businesses, but Italians can.

Leonardo Da Vinci

This is a short article. It’s also my very first on Medium. Please be kind :) and forgive my absolutely imperfect English.

Italy is my country. It’s a wonderful land where everyone can find almost everything from arts to technology, from the pinnacle of food and automotive, to some of the most amazing sea and mountain places and landscapes. Everything has been made by us, by Italian population, through centuries.

One of the many amazing beaches in Italy. This is Cala Goloritzé.

Unfortunately, Italy is governed by politicians who are completely unable to manage it and its incredible potential, unlike our ancestors who made Italy the country we all know today.

Governors’ incompetence encouraged many of the best professionals, engineers, researchers and scientists to leave Italy in favour of new countries where their talent would have been enhanced through one of the most important democratic evidence of meritocracy. Government takes care about supporting banks and finance; and despite this is unconstitutional, they clearly work against population and they do not support and stimulate in no way the huge potential of our managers, engineers, designers, creatives and artisans.

Furthermore, our fiscal pressure is between 60% up to more than 70% (and no, I’m not kidding you) and bureaucracy is at the very top of complication. It’s impossible to be a new entrepreneur here.

It’s no coincidence that one of the biggest factories in Italy and even in Europe — the automotive company formerly known as FIAT, now FCA Group — has been fiscally moved as much as possible outside of our country.

Nevertheless, many genial visionaries with incredible skills and expertise still live and work in Italy.

Engineering, creativity and research in Italy has been developed since centuries, from Romans to Leonardo Da Vinci, from Galileo to Volta, Marco Polo to Fibonacci, Michelangelo, Dante or Cristoforo Colombo (and to think that you guys in USA could speak Italian instead of English :)) to Enzo Ferrari. Nowadays the Italian Space Agency, Dallara Automobili which has been chosen by Elon Musk for the Space-X project, Arduino project that is born in Ivrea, a small town in Piedmont region, close to Turin, the former capital of Italy and the city which hosts the most important Egyptian Museum in the world (ever since Cairo museum has been damaged); but also Carlo Rubbia (Nobel prize for the physics of particles) and Fabiola Gianotti (CERN Director in Geneve).

Creativity is part of our most ancient culture. You can see creativity everywhere in Italy: arts, architecture, food and cooking, automotive design, fashion design and manufacturing.

Creativity and engineering are not dead in our culture, in our minds and hearts. It’s simply part of our life and Italians are favoured when engineering and creativity is a must.

So, dear venture capitals from US, if you are looking to shop for some really extraordinary innovative ideas, try to knock to our door and you won’t be disappointed.

Everything is freezed here. If we ask for a ridiculous amount of funding to the biggest bank institutes in Italy, it’s almost impossible to be financially supported even if they admit the overwhelming excellence of the submitted projects.

Italy won’t never recover from its weak position, it will go even worse if it will not come a brand new government lead by young, real politicians that will revolutionise our “belpaese” from the ground up. And this is not likely to happen.

Italy, from the political point of view, is a EU slave, our country is the weakest and withstands to other countries policies. But bear in mind that it’s not an Italian people’s fault, responsibility is of almost all the governments which managed us over the past 40/50 years.

Italian people still dream, create, strive, design, collaborate, find genial solutions and make amazing things in almost all areas of interest.

Think about it.

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