How I overcame fear and hit POST!
Adele Walsh

Adele, I thought of hitting that little heart, but then I decided to say something. I’ve always been a writer. I’ve always made my money off writing (after a number of years working in factories, selling shoes and picking antiques). If I can humbly offer some advice: Writing will open you up to expression. It feels good, no doubt about it. But it has to go beyond what we discover about ourselves. To be a writer is to examine what’s outside, what contrasts with our own world, and what our insights can offer other people. Examine your own life first, yes, but never believe that’s the only job of a writer. We’re here to show life from another perspective — our perspective — and if you believe in yourself, and being a writer, you’ll want to do that every day. I know writers like Charles Bukowski seem to be examining their own lives constantly, but that’s the writer’s illusion. He was saying, “Hell, I’m crazy, but I’ll bet you’re a little crazy, too, right? If reading me makes you feel a little better about yourself, I’ve done my job.” That’s what it means to be a writer.

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