Freelancing Means You’re Free to Fail. Utterly and Completely Free to Fail. Miserably.
Shawn Forno

Freelancing has never been harder than it is today. I know, I’ve been doing it most of the past 25 years. There was a time when I set sales goals, I worked around the clock. It paid the bills and then some. Today, freelancing has gone from good paying to pathetic. You take on more than you can handle because you need that just to get by. Believe it or not, I earn the same hourly rate today as I did in the eighties (add inflation into the mix and it’s dime store living). I write articles, novels, blogs, children’s books, all for nickles and dimes. Don’t get me wrong. I love my independence, I love working in my underwear and writing stuff that matters to me. But it’s a hard life, filled with failure, unpaid invoices, ridiculous requests and times when you just chew your fingernails. Would I go back corporate? I tried. I couldn’t stand the noise; I couldn’t stand people wasting time. I guess I’m destined to always be a freelancer (and, yes, I do have an Etsy business on the side, too!).

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