Of Course America Runs on Misogyny
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

Holly, I truly like and respect your writing, but here’s my problem with this article. In my industry, advertising, woman now represent over 70% of the workforce and hold some of the top CEO and CCO (Chief Creative Officer) positions in agencies around the world. Most older male writers (myself included) have been pushed out, our positions filled by women. I’m not saying it isn’t progress, but this isn’t the male-dominated world you describe anymore. I also question your voter map. Within Trump’s voter base are still a large number of women who think of The Donald as “Big Daddy.” As one woman put it, “There’s God and then there’s Trump. He’s going to make everything right.” We still have a lot of people, Holly, who believe the President represents a father figure and vote accordingly. Can Clinton become a “mother figure” is really the question. Clinton has to establish a matriarch personality and she isn’t there yet, but that will determine the election in November.

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