I’m Angry At Facebook
Ericka Andersen

I agree with everything, Ericka. I’ve worked for two years since my book was published, writing over 128 posts. I’ve built mailing lists, I’ve commented and discussed with other bloggers. I’ve written about the industry, I’ve written about social issues, I’ve made and posted my own videos. One day, for reasons I still don’t know or understand, my posts must have been allowed to go out to a large reader base. I had over a thousand views in two minutes. Today, though, it’s around 50 views a week. My posts disappear within minutes. My book languishes and my publisher complains. I share your frustration and the frustration of everyone who believed Facebook. I feel like I’ve been had, and I’m sure you feel the same way. I know you feel the same way. Thanks for your post, Ericka. Very well done.

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