Pre-launch Plan for a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

“Crowdfunding is not a walk in the park. Unless that park is covered with broken glass. And a lion ate your shoes at the entrance gate. And he is now chasing you.” — Julie Keck, Media Shift

In December 2016, my partner and I decided to launch a Crowdfunding Campaign to fund the necessarily resources for our Crowdequity Campaign. The reason why we planned doing it this way it´s because we need a bigger amount of money (usually an unachievable quantity for crowdfunding) to launch our company, Globale Medicum Insurance.

I´m going to help you build a pre-launch action plan for your crowdfunding campaign, based on weeks of research and successful actions we´ve until now. If you want the whole plan download it here.

Before we continue, you should bookmark this page now because you´ll want to return to it later.

I´ll share what I have found useful, what I have seen successful for other people, and everything in between.

Before we start

My objective with this post is to encourage you to do it, achieve your dreams, and then just for you to let me know how the results of your campaign went out.
Launching a Crowdfunding Campaign is a lot of work. If you’re looking for an easy way to get money, this isn’t it.
I wrote this to help people, because I think that´s what we need nowadays. More support from everybody.
We will show you what’s possible from people who started with just an idea and a clear vision of it.

Why did we decide to go for a Crowdfunding Campaign?

First of all, write down your reasons you decided to use crowdfunding to fund your project and always have them clear in front of you. We decided to use a crowdfunding campaign because it´s a validation and marketing tool for your business. Also, we´ve planned a path to rise money by a crowdequity campaign. Which basically means that the money we will fund from the crowdfunding campaign will be used to create a quality sales & marketing video. Plus the monthly payment of one of the plans from Crowdfunder list pricing.

Now, let´s compare the most used and famous crowdfunding websites.

Kickstarter vs. GoFundMe vs. Indiegogo

Who is your campaign market target?

The questions you should ask yourself before you launch are:

  • Who is the project for?
  • Where do they spend their time online?
  • What is the best way to grab their attention?

By asking yourself these key questions ahead of time, you will be able to target the right people with your marketing, message and product.

Choosing the right launch date

Define the length of time

Supporting previous research on crowdfunded projects, Indiegogo campaigns that run for 30–39 days have the highest success rate (30.5%). Campaigns that run for 60+ days have the second highest success rate (21%) and campaigns that run for 0–9 days are the least successful (3.2%).

Define your minimum funding goal. Why?

Momentum matters in your funding goal. Your campaign should be prepared to receive 20% to 30% of your funding goal in the first 48 hours — a week. By your Friends & Family.

So it´s necessary to define the minimum amount of money needed to accomplish your objective with your campaign. You can add in the story of your campaign a title named “STRETCH GOALS” and be more specific about the money you need and how would you use it.

Create rewards (Focus on what’s in it for them)

Take a look to our campaign to see the examples:

Campaign body development

  • Create video

First of all write a video script and make a story board.

(Grab attention with your video)

  • Introduction: What you do, who you are, and why you created your project.
  • Social Proof: Logos of podcasts, blogs you’ve appeared on.
  • Unique Selling Proposition: Telling your story and sharing what makes your product different.
  • Social Share: An offer to entice people to share, in exchange give them a reward.
  • Specs & Features: The details about the physical features and specifications of the product or service, including the layouts.
  • Testimonials: Quotes of what people have said about you.
  • Rewards: A graphic representation of the rewards you offer.
  • Project Timeline: your planned schedule for the campaign, production and delivery (infographic).

Digital Marketing Crowdfunding Campaign

· GMI Website (Marketing material & Blog)

If your website does not has a Blog integrated, I recommend you to use Medium

· Build a network (Strategic social media)

In my experience with my Digital Marketing Agency:

I would recommend these social networks, at least, obviously varies in every business industry.

  1. Facebook:

2. Twitter:

3. Linkedin:

4. Youtube:

5. Google plus:

Use a URL shortener for analytics:

It´s important to think globally when promoting your campaign, sharing it in the top 5 contributing countries (in order) are:

· Make a Crowdspeaking Campaign

Personally I would recommend Thunderclap for an international campaign,

but I also own a Crowdspeaking platform named Crowdie tageted to LatAm public.

· Check out the competition (or indirect competition)

Try to see what does big companies do for their marketing material. Benchmark.

· Get a logo

You can also use fiverr for your Crowdfunding Video.

· Create a QR code to bring people to your website and Crowdfunding Campaign.

· Get high-resolution photos taken of your project (Reward & founders photos)

or use fiverr.

· Pre-write your launch emails to friends and families (Email list).

Set up email addresses specific to your campaign and any key players as well.

· Ask bloggers to cover your product or service.

· Set up alliances with key persons.

·Start drafting the Crowdfunding Campaign ASAP.

Launch the Crowdfunding Campaign!