The Problem

The challenge my team and I we face with was a redesign of The U.S. Department of Education’s Website. This website is currently designed in a very confusing and not visually stimulating layout.

The Solution

Both the user interface and the information architecture need a revamp.After evaluating the website further using heuristic evaluation an annotation of our main pages we determined the key problems we need to fix in the redesign:

• Reorder the information in a more intuitive way

• A less “cold” brand design

• Eliminate un-need pages for a more streamline feel

My Role

Responsibilities: Information Architect, Brand Designer, UI Designer

Logos are a key element to anyone’s business whether you like it or not. The voice and visuals of a brand determines how their audience will feel when they are face to face with a product or service and that plays a major factor in the client’s decision to purchase something or use a service. Bottom line is, logo design is important.

Now, how can you get started designing of such an important piece of your business? Adobe Illustrator is a great tool for logo design and many other aspects of marketing. If you don’t know where to get started…

Outer Reach is an app that specializes in connecting adventurous travelers to interesting remote locations and unique experiences. The app uses influences from social media apps such as instagram to create a connected feel and personalized experience.

The Problem

Travelers love to explore unique and adventurous places, but we are often limited to documented search results or google or other search engine. The top results on many site are typically the most popular attractions, but what if travelers want to explore beyond those top results, how will they find great places to explore?

The Solution

The goal of Outer Reach is to connect adventurous…

An app that connects novice technology users to expert technology users in order to solve technology related issues.

The Problem

There is a need for technology assistance for tech-impaired people and an equal need for others to share their technology knowledge while getting paid for it. Many older or less technologically experienced people often need assistance with everyday tasks regarding technology but don’t have readily available access to someone who can help.

The Solution

My partner and I believe that creating a technology support app will solve this problem and benefit two kinds of people: Novice technology users and expert technology users. The novice…

Suwanee Performing Arts is a non-profit organization located in the greater Atlanta Area. Their program offers young dancers, singers and performers opportunities to grow as artists in a professional environment.

The Preface

As a part of the Georgia Tech User Experience Boot Camp, we were challenged by our instructor to create a responsive web design for an existing non-profit organization. In our search for the right organization that suited our group we came across Suwanee Performing Arts website . This organization appealed to us because we are all creatives and preferred to work with an organization that complimented our personalities. …

Courtney Raphael

I’m a multidisciplinary designer with experience in UX design, UI design, traditional graphic design, and video production.

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