My 2014 in movies: micro reviews

A thing is a thing, not what is said of that thing.

As a result of logging every movie watched (i might’ve missed a few) in 2014, i decided to create a post to summarize in micro-review my post-viewing thoughts on each of the movies.

If you see (RE) next to the name it means i have seen the movie before and im re-watching cause… reasons. If the name appears on the list twice it’s cause i decided to rewatch it, probably cause i liked it a lot on it’s first view.

If you see numbers like (12/30), those are not ratings, just a date reference of when i saw it. I’ll try to incorporate review scores into the next batch of micro-reviews i do. I just haven’t figured out how to properly rate them yet.

Top 10 recommends

Top 10 Movies i think you should watch, in no particular order. I Try to focus on those you might’ve missed for whatever reasons.

  • Blue Jasmine
  • Dallas Buyers Club
  • Grand Budapest Hotel
  • Her
  • Edge of Tomorrow
  • Dawn of the planet of the apes
  • Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Snowpiercer
  • Birdman
  • About Time

If you need more recommends: The Raid (Old but still), Magic in the Moonlight, Wolf of Wallstreet, Rush, Chef.

Recommended from other months: 2014, January 2015, February 2015, March 2015

Full List

  1. Enders game: Felt interesting, but kid actor is sorta lost it on me.
  2. Rush: Surprisingly enjoyable and exciting. movie’s POV was unexpected in a good way.
  3. Man from earth: had heard good things; great concept a bit diluted on cheap actors and production.
  4. A good day to die hard: Antagonistic offspring, turns out like his father tropes don’t work well on my book.
  5. Wolf of Wallstreet: dynamite movie, keeps you hooked. worth a watch, doesn’t feel as long as it is.
  6. Blue jasmine: Woody Allen so im positively biased, loved it.
  7. Captain Phillips: nerve-wrecking, can’t believe it happened. Good adrenaline ride.
  8. Dallas buyers club: top-notch acting. worth a watch.
  9. Justice League war: like the new 52 comic it’s based on, pretty fun modern take on the JL.
  10. Super bad (re): Still a funny teenage-style comedy.
  11. Beetlejuice (re): Classic good, can’t go wrong.
  12. Mr and Ms Smith (re): guilty pleasure i guess, the couple dynamic is amusing.
  13. Cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2: i feel there’s better animation/story out there.
  14. Thor dark world (re): Thor movies don’t seem to re-watch as well. Still suffers from marvel-weak-main-villain syndrome. Loki still rocks.
  15. Hobbit 2 desolation of smaug: way better than the first one, still can’t feel excited for the third one.
  16. Grand Budapest hotel: Gorgeous, amazing, entertaining movie. Fine movie making all around. Watch it, now.
  17. Robocop 2014: They tried social commentary, it was lost. Pass.
  18. Frozen: went to see since everyone seems to adore it. I’m not one of those. Fine movie, nothing mind-blowing.
  19. Captain America 2: Marvel’s most complete and well-rounded movie so far imo. Spy/political movie in the MCU. Worth your time.
  20. Children of men (re): Post-apocalyptic realism? yes please. Watch it.
  21. The secret life of Walter Mitty: Impressed since i thought it’d be a silly movie, sweet message.
  22. Noah: you know the story, no need to watch this. Why invent stone transformers?
  23. Godfather 1(re): Part of a series of crime movie watching plan. If you haven’t seen it, you can go do that, now, i’ll wait.
  24. Godfather 2(re): The first sequel i can remember that outdoes the first part (imo). Love the flashbacks and darker tones.
  25. Scar face (re): The rise of a empire, interestingly aged movie.
  26. Amazing spider-man 2: The best part of the movies are the non-superhero relationships. Too many things going on, They’re not the focus of the movie, so yeah…
  27. Son of batman: didn't quite like the animation on this one, decent story.
  28. 47 Ronin: I thought this movie was supposed to be terrible? i enjoyed it. Good action and effects.
  29. Godzilla 2014: good monster-on-monster action scenes, most of the movie is about people i can’t care about, for some reason.
  30. X-men: Days of Future Past: Great story from the comics made better by the movie joining the 2 previous timelines. Awesome.
  31. Elysium: Too ugly or too clean, no grey areas in this movie. It drives the social commentary point to hard over the interesting sci-fi topics. Entertaining though.
  32. American hustle: Con and Heists movies are easy to love for me, this one was decent.
  33. The Lego Movie: Surprisingly good and funny. Specially if u had a lego childhood.
  34. Her: Best portrayal of humanities inhumane future. Worth it for the look into modern life and connectivity.
  35. Hulk 2009 (Re): It seems so obvious now that marvel wasn't thinking too hard on a connected universe back then. Has a fight scene i really like.
  36. Edge of tomorrow: Easy elevator pitch: Groundhog day meets war movie. Awesome movie.
  37. Big trouble in little China: 80's cheesy? sign me up. 80's ultra-cheesy? grab some friends and laugh at this.
  38. Princess bride: i know i had seen this before, but i didn't remember it. SO MANY quotes and memes grown from this movie, worth watching just cause.
  39. bad grandpa: Only movie on this list i think i didn’t finish. Couldn’t stand it. PASS.
  40. 300: rise of a empire. Had some good points, but feels like stretching the original concept.
  41. ciudad de dios (re): Great movie, great interlocking story. Watch it.
  42. Inside lewyn davis: Great music, lovely cinematography. The Coen’s never disappoint me, but their style is a acquired taste i think.
  43. The great Gatsby: curious visual style, felt long.
  44. Dawn of the planet of the apes: Amazing movie, really surprised me in how well it represents deep complex conflicts between factions.
  45. Starwars 1,2,3 RE (7/27): Joining up all 3 ones since i saw on a spree. Since Episode 7 is coming on 2015, it’s very likely i’ll repeat next year. If you haven’t seen, now’s the time.
  46. Guardians of the galaxy (8/1): Most enjoyable Marvel movie yet, suffers from same marvel-weak-main-villain syndrome but you’ll have too much fun to care.
  47. Radio days (RE) (8/2): A Woody Allen classic, love the ambiance and characters.
  48. Appleseed Alpha: futuristic robots and um.. a plot of some kind. yawn.
  49. About time (8/15): This movie came out of nowhere and held hard to my feels. Lovely message in a time travel movie? yes please.
  50. The monuments men: Entertaining, a decent movie to pass a lazy afternoon.
  51. 14 blades: Bad grandpa wasn't the only movie i couldn't finish. big big yawn.
  52. Chef (9/6): good cooking, family movie.
  53. The todo list (9/7): Too teenager-y for my taste.
  54. sin city RE (9/11): in preps for the 2nd one, felt a bit dated, still love the visual style.
  55. Casino (9/13): i hadn't seen this crime classic, worth a watch.
  56. Spanish affair / 8 apellidos vascos (9/15): Funny movie, specially if you’re Spanish or understand spanish political affairs.
  57. Edge of tomorrow (RE) (9/21): Doesn't grow old. it’s on the list twice for a reason! Watch it!
  58. Lethal Weapon 1 (9/27): Trying to see the first ones again. Very enjoyable cliched movie.
  59. Snowpiercer (9/28): Art-house movie that feels blockbuster-y. Watch it, every shot and camera movement is well thought.
  60. The raid (RE) (10/4): Excellent action fighting movie. Can’t wait to see the sequel/
  61. Sex tape (10/4): funny at times adult family movie, passable.
  62. Maleficient (10/5): interesting take on a classic, amusing but felt like something was off.
  63. Lethal weapon 2 (10/9): more chases, more shots, more cliches. what’s not to like?
  64. Gone girl (10/18): Controversial movie, i loved how it made me feel exactly as uncomfortable as (i think) the creators wanted. Gotta respect a movie that does that. Awesome soundtrack.
  65. Dr no (10/22): First of the bond movies, im starting to watch them all, or at least most of them. Curious villain? Check. Awesome evil lair? Check. Im sold.
  66. From Russia with love (10/26): Didn’t like as much, but you can feel the franchise gaining it’s base.
  67. how to train your Dragon 2 (11/14): Entertaining animation movie.
  68. Interstellar (11/15): Nolan cant make a bad movie it seems. Read up on space/time relativity before going. Awesome epic feeling.
  69. Goldfinger (11/18): Bond, Solid Bond. Epic villain henchmen? Check!
  70. Guardians of the Galaxy (RE) (11/23): Anything on this list twice is cause i liked it in some way. Fuuun.
  71. Birdman (11/28): Breath-taking pacing enforced by a never resting camera, beautiful cinematography, in your face dialogue, excellent acting. AND you get a gentleman’s critique on current Hollywood trends? What’s not to recommend.. Watch it.
  72. Thunderball (12/01): One of the most incredible water-scenes/battles i’ve ever seen. Was very impressed. Also, sharks on a villain lair? CHECK!
  73. Tmnt 2014 (12/6): I remember back in 2012 a customs agent saw me with a t-shirt of the tmnt and said to me “shame Michael Bay is gonna ruin them now”. Well.. yea. Wherever you are customs man, you hit it on the spot. Has good moments lost in the spectacle.
  74. Attack the block (12/6): I was supposed to really like this, i.. didn't. Wasn’t sold on kids as action-y heroes.
  75. You only live twice (12/16): Blofeld? Check. Awesome villain lair? Check. Awesome bond. YOLT!
  76. Magic in the moonlight (12/19): Woody Allen can make movies feel so magical. I can’t help but love it.
  77. On her majesties secret service (12/26): New bond guy has one of the biggest shoes ever to fit into. Feels too serious. That said this movies has very cool action scenes. Early Bond movies were always upping the ante on impressive.
  78. They came together (12/28): I wasn’t sleepy when this movie started. I ended dozing it. They tried (too hard?) to be clever on comedy cliches and antics.
  79. Seven psychopaths (12/28): Glad i finally saw. Amusing quirky crime-ish movie.
  80. Lucy (12/31): I wanna have whatever Luc Besson had when writing and directing this! Scarlet Johansson seems like she had fun playing this part.

So, what would you like to see for next years micro-reviews? what’s more helpfull? Let me know!