Rub’s June 2015 micro reviews

Or that month when you obsess with your Studio Ghibli Collection

Recommended to watch:

First up, out of the 8 movies seen in June, this ones i recommend watching just cause:

  • The Drop
  • Jiro Dreams of Sushi
  • Spirited Away

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Disclaimer and Legend:
* Movie name links to imdb when possible. IMDb/Rotten Tomato scores are from when i wrote the review so they might differ when you read.
* Stars are granted on a 5-star scale and are not meant to be compared universally but (perhaps) with equally themed movies. 5 stars for a romantic comedy doesn’tcompare to 5 stars on a action movie; genre and purpose matter.
* A “+” in a star scale means it’s better than equally starred movies it may contend with. Ratings are based on my opinion at the moment and may change cause reasons.

The drop(2014) — 106 min (1h 46m) — Crime, Drama

Very interesting “modern” mob movie. Has a powerfull undercurrent of tension that builds up very nice. Watch if you like slow mob movies, worth it

Good if you like: mob movies, modern crime movies

My Rating:★★★✰✰ imdb: 7.1 /10 RT: 89 /100

The wind rises (2013) — 126 min (2h 6m) — Animation, Biography, Drama

Miyazaki never fails, a tender movie looking at the life of a airplane engineer during WW2. Worth it as practically anything from studio Ghibli

Good if you like: Studio Ghibli, airplanes, Miyazaki, “soft” anime

My Rating:★★★✰✰ imdb: 7.8 /10 RT: 89 /100

Kill list(2011) — 95 min (1h 35m) — Crime, Horror, Thriller

So this movie doesn’t show its true colors until the very end. Kinda weird that way, stick with it if you wanna find out the real genre of the movie. Passable mostly

Good if you like: Slow-paced “when will something happen” “horror” movies

My Rating:★★✰✰✰ imdb: 6.3 /10 RT: 76 /100

Jiro dreams of Sushi(2011) — 81 min (1h 21m) — Documentary

If you like Netflix’s Chef table, this is a no brainer, its from the same team. Very interesting look into (whats probably) the most famous sushi spot in the world.

Good if you like: sushi, Chef’s table, japan culture

My Rating:★★★✰✰ imdb: 7.9 /10 RT: 99 /100

Castle in the sky(1986) — 124 min (2h 4m) — Animation, Adventure, Family

The plot felt too serious for the protagonist kid, good animation and imagination though, as expected from Miyazaki.

Good if you like: Other-worldly anime tales, magical artifact plots

My Rating:★★✰✰✰+ imdb: 8.1 /10 RT: 95 /100

Jurassic World(2015) — 124 min (2h 4m) — Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

Someone wrote it’s the best sequel to the original movie. I think that’s as good as it gets for a one liner. Lots of love and nostalgia reference to the first movie. Good action and pacing overall, one unnecesarily long and painfull death. (someone dying in jurassic park isnt a spoiler! )

Good if you like: Jurassic Park, Dinosaurs, entertaining summer movies

My Rating:★★★✰✰ imdb: 7.5 /10 RT: 73 /100

Spirited Away(2001) — 125 min (2h 5m) — Animation, Adventure, Family

Such overflowing imagination, such a beautifull and fully constructed world/lore, this is probably one of my favorite Miyazaki/Ghibli movies. Also, bursting with kawaii (cute) creatures. Worth it.

Good if you like: Miyazaki, Studio Ghibli, spirit world animes

My Rating:★★★★✰ imdb: 8.6 /10 RT: 97 /100

Inherent Vice (2014) — 148 min (2h 28m) — Crime, Drama, Mystery

PTA get’s a pass with me, but, this movie is weird, i feel like i got sucker punched into it. Not for people who like coherent movies, some pretty pictures in there though, if you dont mind them dont making sense.

Good if you like: drug fueled incoherent crime movies, paul thomas anderson

My Rating:★★✰✰✰ imdb: 6.8/10 RT: 73/100

That’s it for june, what did you watch?