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Dr Ramesh C Raina
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The prerequisite for permanent transformation is a close association with one’s body and brain. It requires microscopic observation of internal as well as external body parts and their functioning. Since the master of the human body is the brain and therefore more emphasis is needed to understand the nature, type, and characteristics of the Shaktis present in one’s brain.

Everything in the Universe is Shakti. We see living and nonliving entities and precisely three forms of the matter: They all constitute various forms of Shaktis. Whatever you listen, see, sense, and taste, all come under Shakti or energy.

Indian seers have written extensively on Shakti and its forms. In this chapter, you will understand Shakti, its types, its nature, and its characteristics. You will learn about various types of useful as well as wasteful Shaktis present in one’s brain and how they impact life.

The “Shakti & Hook technique” will explain the art of identification, categorization, evaluation, and preservation of various Shaktis. You will learn about LAAGEE and LACE analysis. These are important for attaining transformation from ignorance to enlightenment.

There is no difference between vibrating energies and the Shakti, except that Shakti is a more lucid concept than energy. When we talk about energy, we talk about the existence of the Universe, cosmos, life, and God. In Energy, everything becomes materialistic and finite. Whereas Shakti is more lucid and elaborate. It touches every aspect of the creation, operation, and destruction of the Universe. Shakti is both scientific as well as spiritual. It is infinite and inclusive.

I have used Shakti in place of vibrating energies, thoughts, ideas, instincts, and information. I hope you will love the new concepts and techniques. So far in chapters 1 and 2, you have got acquainted with your body and brain. You were asked to complete various activities and hopefully, you might have completed those activities also. If you have not, you are requested to complete all the activities mentioned in these chapters and then start resuming your reading.

Have you ever tried to observe the type and nature of Shaktis that are present in your brain? Have you ever tried to regulate the inflow of Shaktis entering your brain? Your five senses keep on capturing information or data from the surroundings and the people. It is during your sleep time that your five senses may rest and stop capturing the information or the data around you but your brain is always active.

The huge content, which is seated in your brain cells, could be positive as well as negative. Some of the content could be useful to you and some of the content could be totally worthless. Some of the content could help you in progress and some of it could be dragging you down to failure. Since you have not initiated any effort in this direction yet, so the clutter of Shaktis is accumulated in your brain.

First of all, let us understand the most harmful Shaktis which are seated in your brain. The objective is to free your brain from negativity and wasteful Shaktis first. Indian seers were the first who had recognized the most harmful Shaktis in the human brain. They even labeled these Shaktis as enemies of humans and humanity.

The most harmful Shaktis are lust, anger, attraction, greed, ego, and envy. These six disorders are the root cause of all problems in the world. They push you down towards failure, fear, miseries, carelessness, aggression, corruption, meanness, ignorance, and wildness. There are hundreds of wasteful Shaktis present in your brain and every day more harmful Shaktis continue entering your brain via the five senses.

You might have often heard from your parents that “one should keep in the company of good people”. Their message is clear that if one develops an association with bad people, they might speak bad language and you may attract bad acts. As is said, one’s character and behavior are the reflections of the company he or she keeps.

Since you were not aware of the nature of the Shaktis and no one had told you about the Shaktis earlier, so you allowed all the Shaktis to travel inside your brain. You blame your destiny, yourself, and your parents for your failures and poor behavior but actually, these are the negative Shaktis who are working in the background.

Manoj Sethi was a brilliant student and would always top his batch in examinations. He was an introverted person but was very close to his parents. His father was running a musical group that would conduct religious concerts at different locations. The musical group earned name and fame in the city. One day, Manoj’s mother suddenly collapsed and was rushed to the hospital. She was declared brought dead by the doctors. It was a big shock for Manoj and his family.

Thereafter, his father started consuming alcohol daily because he could not bear the loss of his spouse. Slowly, his music business also started incurring losses. Clients and music lovers started avoiding his concerts. In about two years, he lost money, name, and fame. Finally, he had to shut the business down.

Manoj was shocked to see his father’s condition. He could not complete his studies because of the financial crisis. He was forced to opt for a job at a very young age. While he was on his job one night, his father died. He felt like he had lost the complete support of elders. Manoj was all by himself then. He was working day and night to earn money and support his siblings and run their home. The biggest challenge for Manoj was to get her sister to marry though he was the eldest among the three.

Whatever he had earned till then, he spent every penny for her sister’s marriage. He then started taking care of his younger brother and completed his education up till college. His brother graduated and became an engineer. Manoj was respected by one and all in his society. They would always praise him for his good character, behavior, and sense of responsibility he shouldered after the death of his parents.

For some time, Manoj suffered from a mental health disorder and became a drunkard. No one was happy to keep in contact with him. People who used to respect him once ignored him. Though he married and has two daughters and a son, his family avoided him as well. His brother, for whom he sacrificed a lot in life, ditched him and moved to a separate house.

I was conducting a survey for a book and someone introduced me to Manoj. That is how I know Manoj’s life in a nutshell. When I heard his story, I felt sad about his condition and I requested him to meet me over an important discussion. He obliged and the next day we met at a coffee shop.

I asked Manoj about the reason for this setback in his life. He requested a drink that I objected to giving him. Rather, I offered him soft drinks and snacks. He started telling his story. He told me when his father died, he became the head of the family and started taking decisions of his own. During those days he became close to some boys of his age who used to drink alcohol and take drugs as well.

Manoj was a teetotaler till the death of his father. His new friends started influencing him and he started taking alcohol and then slowly got involved in drugs. They would discuss crime, girls, and cheap things while partying. Since it was their normal lifestyle but Manoj was exposed to such negative communications for the very first time.

As the days passed by, Manoj started speaking their language. He would discuss crime, girls, and other cheap things with his neighbors and relatives. People who had seen Manoj as a decent person started disliking him.

Manoj shared with me that these friends of his spoiled his life. He told me all the bad habits he had acquired from them. A thorough gentleman’s life got spoiled in the wrong company of his friends.

From the above story, the message is very clear. The wrong company and associations can impact any person. Even if Manoj was a thorough gentleman and brilliant boy, few months of exposure to wrong communications changed his life. He became a bad person, morally and socially in no time.

I helped him to transform. I taught him the process of transformation. He slowly transformed back. I had the challenge to transform a person who was first a good person and had later worsened his life. I had to transform him and I took this as my challenge. He cooperated with me, and his patience and punctuality brought him results.

I knew Manoj had both positive as well as negative Shaktis, so I focused on the evacuation of the negative Shaktis first from his brain. My line of action was very simple. Once the majority of negative Shaktis were evacuated from his brain, the positive Shaktis would start working for his betterment.

My plans worked and Manoj returned to his original traits and mindset. People were astonished to see his transformation. They started loving him and respecting him again. His children and spouse were happy to see this transformation. Later his brother started living with him. Manoj is now a happy man. His daughter has completed a law degree and the other two children are doing well in their studies.

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