Late Night Writing

Tomato, tomato, Oh how I love NATO,

The door hinge was orange,

Atop the hill of sorrow, bro.

My name simmered in

The breeze, like a burning hammock.

Hammock, what a silly sandwich.

When I was a boy, my pet duckling left me.

I did not like him for that.

I was sad.

What kind of person am I?

I ate chocolate for three days straight.

I wept.

And wept.
And wept.

But then, like ice cream on cake,

The sun shined through my window.

I picked up my harmonica,

Said hi to Monica

And played a tune that silenced the demons

That held me down.


Want you to make me feel,

Like i’m the only girl in the world

That is my favorite song.

Math problems are like keys to a hospital.